BOOST Home Services are competitively priced, come with a customer satisfaction guarantee and all warrantied work comes with the additional 90 Day BOOST Warranty at no additional cost.  

BOOST Home Services is fast becoming the most trusted Home Services company, aiming to deliver best in class service, while protecting home owners from fraudulent, unqualified service providers.

Epoxy Sealing For Garages

It’s durable, resilient and completely transforms the look and feel of your garage.

Driveway Sealing

Give your curb appeal a BOOST with a fresh new driveaway seal. Low cost, high-quality driveway maintenance and home beautification solution.

Epoxy Sealing For Basements

A durable and attractive finish with many benefits as an alternative to conventional flooring.

Epoxy Sealing For Modern Condos

The modern industrial look made easy.

Boost Commercial Services – Concrete Floor Sealing Solutions

Our knowledge & experience stems from many years in the commercial sector.