Why Boost

BOOST Home & Commercial Services aims to provide a wide range of Professional Home & Commercial Services to help home and business owners remove the guesswork when trying to find a reputable service provider.

At BOOST, all of our service providers are verified and qualified and we only provide top tier workmanship.

BOOST Services are competitively priced, come with a customer satisfaction guarantee and all warrantied work comes with the additional 90 Day BOOST Warranty at no additional cost.

BOOST Home & Commercial Services is fast becoming the most trusted Services company, aiming to deliver best in class service, while protecting home and business owners from fraudulent, unqualified service providers.

Customer Protection

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In order to build and maintain a reputation of exceptional quality and service, we must stand behind our work.  As a customer, you have the added security of knowing that you have the final say as to whether a job is complete or not.  We commit to keeping a job open until you sign off that you are 100% satisfied.


Every BOOST service provider undergoes a verification and qualification review process to ensure that we are delivering best in class services to our clients and that we can confidently promote the service knowing that it will be delivered in a manner that meets BOOST standards.


Our commitment to quality products and services doesn’t stop with the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  All of our products and services that come with a warranty also have the added feature of the BOOST extra 90 day warranty, bringing even greater value and protection to our customers.

At Boost Home Services we believe that all kids should own a bike.

Bikes teach kids responsibility, are a wonderful source of freedom, play and exercise, but most of all, it makes them smile.

We work with our partners and suppliers to bring bikes to kids of underprivileged families to ensure that they have the same opportunities as all of the other kids.

Give your home
a boost

Delivering best in clasS
DRIVEWAY, basement, and
garage floor sealing.